TFPMQA No 122 MilionEden No 1Berlin Final 1 2015

After 3 years of “no changes” welcome to my new and improved website, (sólo en Inglés por el momento, pero una versión en español/opción es inminente) in English only at the moment but a Spanish version/option is being work on as I write. In addition to my introductory Video (Always Summer) I would like to share a few more stories here in my bio relating to a bit more of my background and work.

I suppose coming from musical background with both my parents being musicians, my Father, a Guitar & Violin player and my Mother a Singer and Pianist they would try to set me on the road to a classical future, but I was having none of that, I was very much an independent thinker and far too set in my own ways to be guided by anyone, which of course was of great disappointment to them and led to many fiery confrontations. I confess I was pretty blind in those days, had I known then, what I know now, things may have turned out very differently.  I was amazed to find out my Father whilst in North America knew and worked with many big stars in his younger days. Doris Day who he went to school with and remained friends all his life, and Barbara Streisand who I’m told he spoke to by phone during his last days in hospital before he died.

I played in various bands in my hometown, mostly, with my business partner Steve Johnstone (Gemstone Records) but without much success or satisfaction, so! unhappy at the way things were developing I decided to head off down south (London Town) as the song goes.

After a couple of years I met up again with Steve during the early 80’s who was based in nearby Sussex with a view of putting another band together in London, we wrote a pile of new songs and did a load of gigs and but after a time it was clearly becoming far too demanding for everyone so it all ground to a halt.

During my stint in London I had the pleasure of getting to know a few great names, Bruce Bruce as we use to call him was a chap who was sharing a flat with our bass player, a nice guy who I will always be grateful to, he gifted me his Yamaha acoustic which he knew I’d taken a shine to, Mr Dickinson had no further use for his Yamaha, after an evening accompanying him to his gig at the Hammersmith Black Swan Pub, he and Iron Maiden never looked back from then on.

Frequenting my local Pub, the Golden Lion in Fulham was always an experience and hive of activity back then, you’d never know who you would bump into, one day I was greeted on the door by our old friend Mr Robert Plant (Vocalist, Led Zeppelin) who proceeded to take my 3 pound admission fee and wished me a pleasant evening.

Steve, has a Fireworks company and was once asked by Toni Iommi (Guitarist, Black Sabbath) to provide a display for his Birthday bash, as the night progressed Steve got a little too enthusiastic and a little mishap led to the setting fire of Tony’s hair which was all taken in good heart by him thank goodness.

Checking the small ads and looking for a small portable mixing desk I happened upon a little know guitarist called “Andy Summers” (Guitarist, Police) he had a Tascam for sale which I did in the end buy from him, I seem to remember it teamed up nicely with my trusty old Tascam reel to reel.

Ahh…yes! looking for a Mixing desk in the late 80’s I had the pleasure of visiting “Hans Zimmer” at his Snake Ranch Studio in Chelsea, the desk in question was a Soundtracs CM4400 which in its day had quite groundbreaking spec, well! after listening to his appraisals and totally gobsmacked by his work, I went ahead and bought a new one which is still in use to this day.

Whilst living on the Fulham road and having stuff for sale meant you never really knew who would come knocking on your door, well at 21.00 one evening Ray Dorset the singer with Mungo Jerry appeared looking to buy my lighting rig, which in his words was far too expensive, he made an offer and departed, never to be seen again.

In the late 80’s the decision to move away from London was made, I needed a new challenge, my neighbour, musician, Jools Holland, willingly invested in some of my unwanted treasures, by coincidence he was just in the process of setting up his own studio, Helicon Mountain, in an old converted railway station near Maze Hill, I seem to remember you entered the building via a bookcase, how fantastically British and eccentric is that?

So! After selling up my house and studio in Greenwich and moving to Spain, I started the slow process of learning to survive in the Spanish Music business, I met many people who helped me on my way, I will always be grateful to Drummers, Angel Crespo and Anye Bao who introduced me to many of their friends and associates.

I have now been based in Madrid for over 20 years, during my time here I have been involved in some successful musical productions but most of my time here was taken up working for TV or Radio. I’m very much looking forward to my new challenge of working on the production and promotion of new artists, in both English & Spanish wherever in the world that takes me.

Our record company has been in existence since 2006 and I would very much like to devote more time to the growing of the company. Our latest project “Jorge Mingorance” is presently enjoying 36,000,000 plus visitors on Youtube, and our song “Mas Que Amigos” voted best Spanish romantic song for 2015/2016, so I hope to continue that success with more new undiscovered talent.

Check our our Clasical Pop Duo “Eden” after singing at the Champeons League cup final in Berlin now find themselves sitting at Number 1 in the UK’s official itunes classical charts……..

Well! I still have a lot of unfinished business so I look forward to the challenge of continuing working with all our clients past and present in the future.

My Studio construction company “Tone Gems” will of course continue to function and provide all the modern up to date installations as requested.