A TONE GEMS Promo video start to finish photographic record of the design and construction of a Language Academy, TONE GEMS Are: Designers, Constructors & Suppliers of Recording Studio Facilities, Studio Furniture, & Accessories, Equipment, Sound Analising Specialists, Interior Design Consultancy, Sales & Hire of Musical Equipment, Flight Case Supply,



From the musical “Always Summer”

Crimson And Scarlet

Verse 1

Is there somewhere to hide, where time won’t find

All the dreams I hold inside of summer?

Is there somewhere to go, where the world won’t know

If the wind should choose to blow in colour?


Crimson leaves that fall like rain when the autumn comes again

With cobwebs in her hair; why should August care?

Scarlet tears for forgotten years

Somehow, somewhere, waiting there

Verse 2

Is there somewhere to be, where I can see

That the time and place for me is never?

Is there somewhere to run, when summer’s gone

Where my heart can still be young forever?


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