Tom Comerfords “Movin On” taken from his No 1 selling Irish/Country/Folk Album “A Sign Of The Times” written by George Madden & Steve Johnstone. Video made up from clips shot of the 2011 Feria de Collado Villalba.


Verse 1
Walkin’ down the road again
Dressed-up for the summer ball
Me and you on our way to school
Just a boy and the girl next door
And though our dreams wouldn’t last forever
Blown away with the autumn leaves
I still recall the way you’d fall for me
Movin’ on – when the feelin’s right
Movin’ on – tail lights in the night
Looking back – we’d seize the moment and run
Runnin’ fast – leave it a~all behind
In the past – if you change your mind
Give me a reason to care; I’ll be there
Verse 2
The summers passed so slower then
Now the days always look the same
But the timing’s wrong and the roads too long
To go back the way we came
And though out dreams didn’t last forever
Washed away with the autumn tide
I still recall that young girl by my side



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