For all you cat lovers out there, a candid look at some of my favourate pics, accompanied by the great voices of Libby Johnstone & Oliver Seymour-Marsh

From the musical “Always Summer”

Somewhere Waiting 


Spoken Intro

Tommy, what would it be like if all of our dreams could come true

Just imagine, what if, all you had to do was think of something

Before you went to sleep at night, and then the next day,

Well! It just happened, you could go anywhere, meet anyone

Do anything you liked, anything, oh wouldn’t it be wonderful

I don’t mean like not having to go to work tomorrow,

No, much grander, I mean like having your own castle

I mean like, marrying a beautiful princess

Or a famous movie star

I mean like it always being summer

No matter what the time of year

I mean like, falling in love

Yes, that’s it , oh just think Tommy

Who would she be, and where would you find her

What, who, why your princess or movie star of course

Oh, It’s you…..



Verse 1

She’s the girl with the pretty face, often out-of-place in a crowd

In the park (But not after dark) – The one with her music too loud

(You’ve heard her call from the posters) – Oh I know

(Met her friends when you’re on the train)

And kissed, in the dark – (To remember her name?)

Verse 2

She’s the girl with the raven hair and without a care in the world

On the beach (But not out-of-reach) – In winter resplendent in fur

(You’ve read her name in the papers) – Oh I know

(Taken tea at her favourite bar)

And kissed, in the night – (To forget where you are?)



So, wherever I go

I know, whenever I think of her

Close my eyes and just dream of her

Somewhere waiting for me, and

I could never want more

So I know, whenever I close the door

She’s the one I’ll be looking for

Somewhere waiting for me

Verse 3

She’s the girl with the simple smile and the tragic style in her voice

Taking care (Over what she’ll wear) – Mascara her weapon of choice

(You’ve seen her car in the City) – Oh I know

(Held her hand in the second row)

And kissed, in the dark – (Never wanting to go?)



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