Original Irish folk song, released by Gemstone Records Limited about the fictional Frog Princess character & Daniel Green,  accompanied by some comical photos etc, sung by the very talented Tom Comerford and taken from his last chart topping album release  “A Sign Of The Times”  Check out the superb Steve Johnstone lyrics who never fails us.

The Frog Princess

Verse 1

I’m Daniel Green from old Galway

And I’m fair of face the girls all say

Well at least I thought as much that way

Till I met Maggie Clarke

She stood with her hair of autumn gold

And lips that spoke of love untold

Through a smile that broke the good Lord’s mould

And every young man’s heart


Verse 2

So I stopped for a word with this fair girl

And we stood and we talked for all the world

Just to see, by chance, if love unfurled

Drawn by the hand of fate

But as things were moving awful well

She hit me with a bolt from hell

Well at least as far as I could tell

When I asked her for a date

For she said…



Don’t you be thinkin’ you’re any match for me

And Daniel don’t you be hoping a wedding ring to see

For sure if Ireland’s blue; you’re handsome too!

And if I were to kiss a boy like you

They’d call me The Frog Princess


Verse 3

Well I sure didn’t know what I should do

Was the girl for real and talkin’ true?

So I offered of my opposing view

And we passed the time of day

But the sun was low with quite a glare

As she ran her fingers through her hair

There was nought that I could do but stare

As she sent me on me way

By saying…


Verse 4

Now the years have flown in Galway Town

And I still see the girl with the auburn crown

‘Cos she always follows me around

And never leaves my side

For she kissed the boy and won first prize

Prince Charming in another guise

Sure The Frog Princess was awful wise

When she chose to be my bride

When she said…


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