A Derek Ryan cover of the song “Long Way Home! Taken from

The no 1 Album “A Sign of the Times” by Tom Comerford

Verse 1

When my brother Pat went a courtin’ Mary Dempsey

We didn’t know how he’d go

And sure he never made his date, cos he was over two weeks late

So I guess his watch was runnin’ kind-a slow

Now Mary soon told the neighbours that something ain’t right

And we were all sent to search night and day

Sure we tried every part of town, with no sight of Pat McGowan

‘Till he turned-up on the doorstep with this to say:-


I took the wrong road out-a Dundalk

Missed the turnin’ at Dungarvan and ended-up in Cork

Went through Galway; Dublin; then on to New York!

 So I guess He took the Long Way Home

Verse 2

Now old Father John took to soundin’ all the Church bells

He couldn’t miss all the fun

And though he never had a smile; sure he was laughing all the while

When we told him of the things that Pat had done

And there was no tellin’ Mary ‘twas all a mistake

For sure she’d no sense of humor that day

And though she didn’t mind the craic, she swore she’d never take him back

Not for landing on her doorstep with this to say


               Wait a moment – there’s always somewhere to go

Wait a moment – then move off kind-a slow


Verse 3

When my brother Pat went a-courtin’ Mary Dempsey

He didn’t think what he’d start

For now in every Pub in town, be sure the talk’s of Pat McGowan

And the road he took to winning Mary’s heart

Though Mary don’t take it lightly; him letting her down

She really not one to sulk every day

So when the Ceili came around, sure she went with Pat McGowan

Having turned up on his doorstep with this to say:-


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