The making of the Promo Video for “Global Caja” featuring Pedro Piqueras and produced by Ricardo Huertas, The song taken from the album Tom Comerfords number 1 selling album “A Sign Of The Times” released by Gemstone Records,


  From the Album “A Sign of the Times”


 The Sand And The Seagulls

Verse 1

I met you at the start of summer

The cutest girl that I’d seen

You held my hand as we walked through the sand

With the two of us lost in a dream

I remember the way my heart felt

When you said that “I do”

Should have studied the words you’d spoken

And realised they’d never come true


Cos our…..

Prime timeslipped through the hour-glass

Like changing seasons we made no sound

Just two young lovers that left for winter

Hopelessly honeymoon bound

And we…..?

We all like it here! We don’t need you dear!

Watching the waves as we sip our tea

Not missing you! And we’ll make it through

Just the sand and the seagulls and me!

 Verse 2

The days passed and your thoughts grew distant

But never mentioned out loud

And where seagulls fly; sure I watched our love die

With the two of us lost in a cloud

I remember the way my heart felt

When you said that we’re through

Should have listened to what they told me

And realised you’d never stay true


The waves crash against the shoreline

The boats are well out of view

They never seem to reach the harbour

Sounds a lot like me and you?



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