A TONE GEMS Promo video start to finish photographic record of the design and construction of a live recording room, TONE GEMS Are: Designers, Constructors & Suppliers of Recording Studio Facilities, Studio Furniture, & Accessories, Equipment, Sound Analising Specialists, Interior Design Consultancy, Sales & Hire of Musical Equipment, Flight Case Supply,

By The Hand – Sung by Eden


Verse 1

Lies are a story that I tell

Of an unforgiving world no-longer listening

Or maybe about you and a life we knew so well?

Where once I felt so grand

When you took me softly by the hand

Verse 2

You were a stranger to my heart

Outspoken without words, no longer yearning

What started out as friends became lovers soon to part

Across a darkened land

As you took me softly by the hand



Now there’s no-one to lead me through this sorrow

No-one to free me from this heartache inside

When the feeling’s gone you turn and run; keep running off to hide

Without a friend; without a guide


Verse 3

Time tries to show me now, exactly what to do

As daylight turns to dusk; no longer shining

And the places where we met and the people that we knew

They all can’t understand

Why you took me softly by the hand

Verse 4

So now it’s over and I wander down the street

Past shadows filled with tears; no longer smiling

All the memories that we shared laying broken at my feet

With all those dreams we planned

When you took me softly by the hand

Softly by the hand


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