A Big Band version of the song “Getaway Girl” taken from the Album “Always Summer “The Musical”   wishing a Happy New Year to all the Friends, Family & Associates of Gemstone Records Limited, Tone Gems, and subsidary companies,  song written by George Madden & Steve Johnstone and taken from the Musical “Always Summer” sung by Chris “CJ” Carroll & Musical Arrangements by Jose Miguel Sanchez.


Taken From the musical

“Always Summer”



Getaway Girl


Verse 1

The first time I saw you walking, past my door

I couldn’t keep from watching you

The next time I saw you walking, I was sure

You were the one to keep me true


No more heartaches from today, girl

All my fears have gone away and left me; so don’t forget me

Verse 2

Now I know you’ll pass my window, everyday

I wait to see you wonder by

You’ll be the one I dream of, in every way

From now, until the day I die


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